Spring and Fall Equinox - Wild Harvesting Adventures

Fiona's Forest Wild Harvest Adventures

Twice a year during the Spring and Fall Equinox a few apprentices and I make the journey to Lucile, Idaho to attend Darcy Williamson's Herbalist Gathering at Maven's Haven.

Salmon River, Idaho It's an amazing place where information about the healing powers of wild harvested plants and mushrooms is exchanged with a passion for sharing the knowledge of the medicines available in our forests.

We also take this opportunity to harvest some of the plants that have eluded us in our forests here in Northern California. Below you will see some of the plants and mushrooms that we harvested and learn more about their medicinal uses.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Browns Peony TinctureTeasel Root tincture

Lomatium Root TribulusHawthorn Berry