Presentation from Jules and Katy of Fiona's Forest - Paradise Garden Club (Volume 31, No. 03 - March 2024)

Presented fascinating array of information by Jules and Katy of Fiona's Forest

By Paradise Garden Club

Published in the Paradise Garden Club - The Watercan Post (Volume 31, No. 03 - March 2024)

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Image of Jules Presenting at Paradise Garden Club

Happy March! We have had some big storms and weathered them with the resilience that we have a reputation for. Our winter crops are at their peak, our gardens are likely showing the effects of the weather and our reluctance to get out and garden in such inclement weather. Beautification is still mostly resting but we will be back when the weather allows, such are the ides of March! The homes for this year's garden tour are well on the way to being finalized and we are looking at a more streamlined and smooth effort for the people who are involved in its production. In our February meeting we determined that we would move the hub for the tour to the Firesafe Council parking lot, which should give us a convenient and more secure place to hold our event while providing a clearer and less confusing path for traffic. The board brought to the members a bid to purchase two feather style banners and a table style sign which was overwhelmingly approved. This signage will provide the club with years of visibility for the garden tour and public events. The speaker was Jules from Fiona's Forest who spoke about the healing and homeopathic abilities of plants. Next month’s meeting will feature Robert Henry from the Master Gardener’s group and will be on "gardening in the foothills". I for one am looking forward to his presentation and I hope to see you all there. Until then I am hoping everyone stays warm and dry this winter season.

Wow! Jules Pecson and Katy Wilson presented us with a fascinating array of information on (mostly) local medicinal plants and mushrooms. Descriptions were reinforced visually, plus various mushrooms were passed around to see, smell and feel the very different textures. A great opportunity to learn a greater respect for the “weeds” growing around us. Want to learn more? Fiona’s Forest has field trip classes.

You can find these products in the shop at 5390 Skyway in Paradise, at the Saturday farmers market in Chico, or the Tuesday morning farmers market in Paradise.