Fiona's Forest
"nothing inside you can't pronounce"

Bath & Beauty

Whenever possible we use the purest ingredients in our bath and beauty products. Being herbalist we incorporate this mentality into out bath and beauty. You can rest assured there is "nothing inside you can't pronounce" in the product you purchase.

Herbal Wellness

Wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting a plant in its natural habitat. Our environmental commitments also include harvesting wild herbs in a responsible and sustainable manner.

To insure quality and freshness, we extract herb and plant oils in small batches with time tested techniques. These natural extracts are the foundation of the herbal remedies designed by our experienced and knowledgeable herbalist Jules Pecson.

Custom formulas can be made at your request. If we have the specific herbal tinctures available, we are happy to mix up a special blend for you.