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Valerian Root Tincture
Valerian Root Tincture

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Valerian Tincture (Valeriana spp.)

Valerian is one of the best gentle and harmless herbal sleeping remedies. It enhances the natural body process of slipping into sleep and making the stresses of the day recede.

This Valerian Root was wild harvested in the Salmon River Range of the Rocky Mountains. It was tinctured with a 1:1 ratio in grain alcohol (40% by volume) using time tested techniques that insure top quality.

Other Uses for Tinctured Valerian:

Analgesic — Valerian is a smooth muscle and skeletal relaxant. For many people Valerian can be an effective pain reliever for back pain, sciatica and uterine cramping.

Blood Pressure — Valerian is used worldwide as a relaxing remedy in hypertension and stress related problems.

Gast-intestinal Aid — A tincture of the fresh root acts as an anti-spasmodic and is therefore helpful in treating stomach cramps.

Shingles — Valerian reduces hypertension due to stress and reduces pain, therefore has been effective in treating shingles.

Tranquilizer — Recent studies indicate that valepotriates and valeric acid can bind to the same receptor sites in the brain as benzodiazepine drugs.

Constituents: Valepotriates, valtrate, didrovaltrate, acevaltrate, isovaleroxy-hydoxydidrovaltrate; volatile oil, esters, bornyl isoValerianate, bornylacetate, bornyl formate, eugenyl isovalerate, isoeugenyl, isovalerate alcohols, eugenol, terpenes, Valerianol, sesquiterpene alcohol. Alkaloids including chatinine, valerine and two others similar to skytanthine.

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