Wild Harvesting Brown's Peony

Brown’s Peony (Paeonia brownie) usually grows at an elevation of 5,000 ft or higher and is found in colonies on well drained rocky slopes. We use just the root medicinally, so again fall harvesting is the best but can be a challenge sometimes since grazing animals can eat all evidence of the ariel plant. Unless you have spotted it in the summer and remember exactly where to go back to after the flowers have seeded like Darcy did for us this year.

Brown's Peony Summer and Fall

She explained where she had seen it in the summer and we trekked all over the ridge line without seeing a trace. She was kind enough then to lead us to the spot where we were able to find plenty to last us the season.

Health Benefits

  1. Antispasmodic To Relieve Smooth Muscle Cramping
  2. Gynecological Aid For Many Female Complaints
  3. Immune Stimulant Taken At The Onset Of A Cold Or Flu
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Used Topically Can Clear Blood Congestion Following Traumatic Injury