Wild Harvesting Teasel

Teasel Root (Dipsacus fullonum)

Here we have harvested the first year root of the Teasel plant. Teasel grows at many elevations. This shot was taken on a saddle ridge at an elevation of 5,000 feet overlooking the Salmon River on one side and the Snake River on the other. Plants are "wild" harvested in their natural environment; they have not been exposed to herbicides and pesticides and are therefore organic.

Chopped Teasel Root

The fresh root is cut to expose all layers of the root unlocking its full potency. It is then covered with food grade alcohol. The alcohol dehydrates the root over a six week period leaving all the constituents in the tincture. The liquid is then strained through a filter and bottled.

Health Benefits

  1. Used In Lyme Disease Protocol
  2. Drive Spirochetes Out Of The Joint And Muscle Tissue
  3. Anti-Inflammatory For Chronic Muscle And Joint Pain
  4. Treats Skin Conditions Such As Warts, Fistulae And Cancerous Sores
  5. Helpful In Treating Boils And Abscesses